FSF/SD Supporters Summit 2016

Supporters Summit 2016 Save Date2

The Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct will host the joint annual Supporters Summit in London, at Wembley Stadium, on 16th July 2016 - in partnership with the FA.

The event brings fans together from across the UK, from clubs and supporter organisations, to debate the issues at the heart of the game.

Incoming Football League chairman Ian Lenagan will address supporters at the Summit - a particularly timely appearance given the recent news of the Football League's proposed restructure.

The full programme of events for the 2016 Summit are still being finalised but workshops will also look at ticket pricing, non-league issues, fan culture, diversity, safe standing and more (full details here). The FSF's AGM will be held on the following day, Sunday 17th July (see below for more info).


  • Registration: 9.30am
  • Start: 10.30am (Welcome & FL Chairman Ian Lenagan - more here)
  • Morning workshops: 11.45am (workshop details here)
  • Lunch: 12.45pm
  • Afternoon workshops: 2.15pm (workshop details here)
  • Closing session: 3.30pm
  • Finish: 5.o0pm (cash bar open until 7pm)


Hard copies of all documents will be given out at the Supporters Summit and FSF AGM although you can also download digital versions in advance of the events. The Supporters Summit 2016 Programme (PDF) is here, you can download the FSF AGM pack (Word) here while the FSF Accounts are available from www.fsf.org.uk/accounts.



  • Timing: The FSF AGM will run from 10.30am at Wembley Stadium with a finish no later than 1pm.
  • Motions: The deadline for receipt of motions is two weeks before the AGM (i.e. Sunday 3rd July). Emergency motions can be submitted after that date but justification for late inclusion must be approved by the Agenda Committee.
  • Voting: Only members of the FSF who have joined by Tuesday 30th June 2016 can vote at the FSF’s AGM. You can join the FSF here.
  • National Council Elections: Deadline for receipt of nominations is four weeks in advance of the AGM (Sunday 19th June). Download the FSF National Council election form Word or PDF.

Voting information for individuals, proxies, affiliates, and associates

Only members of the FSF who have joined by Tuesday 30th June 2016 can vote at the FSF’s AGM - you can join the FSF here. Votes are cast by individual FSF members (one vote per individual), as well as associate (one vote) and affiliate member groups (five votes to be used as a block).

Any individual member unable to attend the FSF’s AGM is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Anyone appointed as a proxy must themselves be an individual member entitled to vote, and can hold the proxy vote for no more than two individual members unable to attend, in addition to their own individual vote.

The form used to appoint a proxy can be obtained from the FSF secretary Neil Springate (secretary@fsf.org.uk) and a signed copy must be returned at least one week before the FSF AGM. This can be done via smartphone (readable pictures emailed to the secretary are fine) or post a hard copy to: FAO Neil Springate, 1 Ashmore Terrace, Stockton Road, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, SR2 7DE.

If the FSF representative of a member group (affiliate or associate) cannot attend the FSF AGM they should notify secretary@fsf.org.uk in advance with the name of any substitute official they wish to send. Substitutes who turn up unannounced on the day may not be allowed to vote.

What is a motion and how do I submit one?

Fans care about a huge range of issues and members can set FSF policy via motions at our AGM. Any FSF appearances in the media, or stories on the news section of our website, try to fairly reflect these democratically-set, core beliefs.

So if you’ve ever thought, “Why doesn’t the FSF campaign for X, Y, and Z?” or have been infuriated by something we’ve said, the answer is simple – propose your “motion”, come along to our annual conference, and argue its merits. Your idea will either succeed, and be taken on as official FSF policy, or fail, and be voted against by your fellow fans.

The deadline for receipt of motions is two weeks before the AGM (Sunday 3rd July 2016). The reason that we ask for motions in advance is to avoid identical motions, to circulate information to members in a timely fashion, and to avoid spurious nonsense taking up time on the day. You might think it’s a disgrace that Wagon Wheels aren't served at your stadium but this probably isn't what your fellow fans deem a priority.

You must be a member to submit a motion but fear not, it’s free to join the FSF here. To be accepted for debate, motions must have both a proposer and seconder, and both will be invited to speak on the matter.

Any motion should express, in the simplest form possible, what it is seeking to achieve, and set out the current situation in relation to that issue – you can expand on specific points in your short speech. You should also think about what practical measures the FSF could take to implement your idea. The most utopian and well-meaning ideal might be rejected if it’s deemed to be pie-in-the-sky by your fellow members. Read more on motion formulation here.