Current Poll - Who is better VFM?

In a week when Rafa Benitez has splashed out £17m on a full back and slapped a £30m price tag on a midfielder he wanted rid of this time last year we're not even asking whether transfer fees have lost touch with reality. Of course they have. What do you want in a poll, objectivity?

But the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, or European football transfer market as it's otherwise known, has been pretty busy of late. So who exactly do you think represents better value for money? The Ballon d'Or at £80m, an international full back for £17m or a striker with 8 goals to his name last year for free. You are the gaffer - is it Cristiano 'Luxury Brat' Ronaldo, Glen 'Mid-Range' Johnson or Michael 'Tesco Value' Owen. The choice is yours.

This poll is now closed.

Michael Owen
Glen Johnson
Cristiano Ronaldo