tfs 015 out now!

Fear not, the wait is over. tfs 015 is out now and worth every penny of your hard earned £3. Although the more on-the-ball among you will have already joined the FSF and received your free copy. Check out tfs 015 online here.

tfs 015 pays tribute to the 96 who lost their lives at Hillsborough on April 15th, 1989, which is 20 years ago this month. We have included the names and ages of all those who died in the Leppings Lane End that day on the cover of tfs 015 as our own small tribute. Over the coming fortnight much will be written about the tragic events of that day and Newsnight featured a significant piece at the start of this week asking why an inquiry had never been established, available on the BBC iPlayer (35 mins in). The battle still goes on. For those unfamiliar with the full series of events which took place at Hillsborough we'd recommend The Hillsborough Football Disaster: Context and Consequences as an informative starting point.

The magazine also features some real lost treasures including an amazing collection of photos found in an old drawer by tfs regular Stuart Clarke. The Art of Football theme continues in an interview with professional football’s foremost artist, Jody Craddock, and the ever-reliable Jonathon Wilson’s guide to football’s brushes with art.

You can also find out why Weymouth fans were singing till the end, despite a 9-0 home defeat, while Matthew Briggs interviews Will Brooks (founder of MyFC) to find out what the future holds for Ebbsfleet United, and looks into bubble trouble at Cardiff City.

tfs 015 can be purchased from the FSF shop. Alternatively, join the FSF today and receive every copy of tfs straight to your door free of charge.

tfs 015 can be downloaded from this link.

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