Striving for a level playing field

The National Association of Disabled Supporters (NADS) is the only national registered charity representing all disabled football supporters with the objective “to promote an inclusive agenda and ensure an equality of match-day experiences for all supporters”.

NADS represents the views, issues and concerns of disabled football supporters to football and governmental authorities and provides independent advice on disability issues as they affect the football community. NADS also heads up the disabled branch of englandfans.

NADS is recognised as the representative and coordinating body of disabled football supporters and their carers/advocates. We currently estimate that 30,000 disabled fans regularly go to watch football in England and the success of the disabled branch of englandfans shows that this passion naturally extends to the national team.

We would urge all supporters, able bodied and disabled, to support us in our aims and objectives by becoming a member of NADS or at least signing up to our regular E-Newsletters. For more information and to join go to, email or call our helpline on 0845 230 6237.