Save the date! Fans to march on PL/FL HQ

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Save the date! Fans to march on Premier League and Football League demanding “Affordable football for all!” on Thursday 14th August 2014

The Football Supporters’ Federation will lead fans from dozens of clubs demanding that Premier League and Football League clubs reduce ticket prices.

Supporters will meet in central London (venue TBC) at 1pm to hear from prominent voices in the fan movement before marching on the Premier League and Football League HQ at 30 Gloucester Place (W1U 8PL).

Ticket prices are one of the hottest topics among fans in England and Wales. The game has more money than ever before yet prices show no sign of falling in any significant way. The FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets campaign has helped make some away games more affordable but more must be done for home fans too.

The Premier League’s current media deal is worth £5.5bn, that’s a £2.1bn increase on the previous package. To put that in context, clubs could let every single fan at every single game in for nothing, and they’d have been no worse off than they were under the previous deal.

Supporters understand that’s not going to happen but nonetheless it highlights a fundamental truth: There is no excuse for clubs raising prices. Freezing prices isn’t enough. Prices must be dropped. Football should be affordable for all!

Join the FSF demonstration and make sure football hears your voice:

  • Date/time: Thursday 14th August 2014 (1pm, marching to PL/FL HQ around 2.30pm, ends 3.30pm)
  • Venue: Central London (venue TBC) to the Premier League and Football League HQ at 30 Gloucester Place (W1U 8PL)
  • Register: This demonstration will take place in public areas but please notify us of your attendance so we can let the authorities know expected numbers. No personal details will be shared with the authorities. Email: