Rivals join forces to promote football

lest we forget punjabi wolves

Rival fan groups from Punjabi Rams and Punjabi Wolves Supporters joined forces on Saturday to promote their teams to the Asian community, with around 100 fans getting involved (see image below).

Both supporters’ groups are open to fans from any background and they hope Saturday’s action will encourage locals to sample the matchday experience for themselves.

While football is extremely popular in the Asian community, many supporters have never been to a game. As you'll know, the matchday “habit” is often formed as a child, with parents or even grandparents taking kids to the game.

But that formative influence isn’t always there for young Asians, so Punjabi Rams and Punjabi Wolves Supporters hope actions like this will show that football is a welcoming environment for fans from all backgrounds.

FSF campaigns and diversity manager Anwar Uddin (above right) was in attendance along with Anna Jӧnsson from Kick It Out for the pre-game presentation.

Punjabi Wolves Supporters are now into their seventh season while Punjabi Rams are newly-formed, although founder Pav Samra has been going to Derby County for 24 seasons.

Party atmosphere

“We gave them a footballing lesson on the pitch but what the Punjabi Wolves Supporters have done acts very much as a blueprint for what we want to achieve here in Derby,” Pav told The Derby Telegraph. “They bring coach-loads of supporters to away matches, there is always a party atmosphere with them and no trouble at all.”

His counterpart at Punjabi Wolves Supporters, Andy Sahota, reiterated the message. “Supporters of all colours and religions travel with us because they know they will have a good time and not come across any bother.”

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