Premier and Football League announce fixture changes

We realise the World Cup isn’t even over yet but we’re already getting pretty excited about the domestic season. You know what it’s like, the season ends and, unless you’re one of the lucky few to win a trophy or gain promotion, it’s all grumbles about mid-table nothingness and rubbish football. After all, we’ve all heard someone mutter the immortal phrase, “That’s it for me, I’m never going back!”

Come July and August though it’s a different story. Those new signings have tweaked your interest, the sun’s shining, the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, and you’re renewing your season ticket as foolishly optimistic as ever.

Whatever you do though, and this especially applies to travelling fans, do not forget to check your team’s upcoming fixtures against TV and European schedules! There’s nothing worse than spending small fortunes on outlandishly priced rail tickets only to realise they’re now useless to you as your team’s game has been moved from it’s original kick-off time.

With TV fixtures now confirmed until the end of November (see below for further details) fans are advised to check their club’s website for any recent changes before booking travel or time off work. Aside from TV if you follow a club due to play Villa, Liverpool or Manchester City on a weekend after Europa League fixtures your game will almost certainly be moved.

While most changes are likely to be because of TV or Europa League games police requests can also cause kick-off times to be moved and there’s the potential for the Champions League disrupting domestic calendars.

There is sadly no contractual minimum that TV companies have to give before moving games although there is an “intention” to give a minimum of one month. This obviously doesn’t apply to cup replays and the Premier League also reserves the right at the season’s end to choose games which have a bearing on the title, European qualification, or relegation.

In a perfect world TV companies would certainly compensate travelling fans for any disruption they cause. Maybe one day. At present we advise all fans to check their team’s fixtures very carefully before splashing out on travel too far in advance.

Click here to view the Premier League’s amended fixtures.

Click here to view the Football League’s amended fixtures.

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