Police target Euro 2016 with dry trains

Eurostar Photo Red Hand Records

British Transport Police have announced that the sale and consumption of alcohol will be banned on Eurostar services during the European Championships this summer.

Football fans using the rail network on matchdays will be familiar with "dry" trains and those rules will be enforced on cross-channel services for Euro 2016.

The FSF opposes dry trains, but would rather our members were fully informed about restrictions to their travel plans.

British Transport Police say: "As part of our preparations for the Euro 2016 travel period, we have been working closely with our partners the French Police and Eurostar.

"As a part of this work the following 'Dry Trains' between St Pancras and France have been agreed for Euro 2016. These are based upon the expected volumes and particular profile of the supporters expected to travel on each date/route."

There will be two types of dry trains in force across Eurostar services in June - zero alcohol services and limited alcohol services. Limited alcohol services restrict passengers to four beers or 1 bottle of wine each, with spirits remaining prohibited.

Dry trains Euro2016

These services will likely impact fans travelling to England, Wales and Northern Ireland group-stage games, as well as others involving the Republic of Ireland and Poland. Check the Euro 2016 fixture list to see if you'll be affected.

Thanks to Red Hand Records for the image used in this story. Reproduced here under CC licence.