Ofcom investigation into PL rights

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Last week Ofcom announced it was to open an investigation into how the Premier League sells broadcast rights for its matches. Ofcom promised to include the Football Supporters' Federation in this process, particularly with regards to the scheduling of live matches.

We're keen to hear our members' views on this subject so, whether you're an individual member or affiliated/associated fans' group, get in touch.

Ofcom say: "As you are aware, the Football Association prohibits the broadcasting of football matches on Saturday afternoons during the hours of 14.45 and 17.15 (known as the closed period). PL complies with this rule and does not sell rights for the live broadcast of Premier League matches played during the closed period.

"However, our analysis of the scheduling of Premier League fixtures during the 2013/14 season and the current season (up to 1 February 2015) has revealed that there were a total of 106 matches that were played outside of the closed period but which were not broadcast live. Annex 1 to this letter contains a list of these matches, showing the date, teams and time of kick-off."

Ofcom's questions below:

  1. If a live transmission of the match had been available, to what extent do you consider that this is an option that your members would have chosen on matchday?
  2. Are there any factors that you consider would have influenced their decision to attend the match, watch a live transmission or do neither of these?

You can read Ofcom's letter to the FSF here and a document here which outlines every match outside the "closed period" (i.e. Saturday 3pm blackout) not broadcast live.

Email your views to info@fsf.org.uk using the subject header 'Ofcom'.