Newcastle United fans "march for ambition"

Newcastle United fans will march under a #TIME4CHANGE banner ahead of their game against Liverpool on Saturday 19th October. Organisers say they are not a formal supporters' group but a coalition of individual fans and social media groups who wish to make their presence felt. 

FSF-affiliated fans' group Newcastle United Supporters' Trust said: "It is universally accepted that the greatest asset Newcastle United has is its loyal and faithful fans which help make it one of the best supported clubs in Europe (the 10th best in Europe last season). It clearly demonstrates the frustration that fans are feeling when they feel the need to go to the time and expense to organise a march in support of change in the hierarchy at the club.

"We believe that regardless of whoever 'owns' the club, it is right and proper that supporters have an influence in the running and future of the club, preferably via a financial stake in Newcastle United . Supporter ownership of clubs is successful throughout Europe and there is no reason why that should not be replicated at Newcastle United."

Fans will meet on Northumberland Road, next to City Hall, at 10.30am (Saturday 19th October).