National Supporters Survey 2017 launched

National Supporters Survey Launched Photo Action Images

Every few years we hold a national supporters survey to assess the state of the game and its fans  - and you can fill in the 2017 National Supporters Survey now.

The last of these censuses was carried out in 2012 with more than 4,000 supporters from 130 different clubs – Arsenal to Afan Lido, Wolves to Welling United – completing our survey, giving us a snapshot of supporters’ views up and down the game.

Football and football supporters have moved on significantly in the intervening five years – particularly the way we talk to and about our clubs through social media and watch matches across various digital platforms. We’re also interested to see what hasn’t changed: do fans still back video technology? Are they still against the idea of a winter break?

The 2012 football fan – what did we think?

Results from the 2012 census have some interesting oddities (remember Team GB? Only 56.7% of fans said they’d be supporting Team GB at the 2012 Olympics) as well as some issues that remain timeless – TV meddling with kick-off times, policing, travel and beyond.

Here’s a sample of some of the results:

  • Back in 2012 91.5% of fans supported the choice between sitting and standing at a match – we doubt much has changed there!
  • 51.2% and 58.5% had watched a match via illegal streams in a pub or at home on the internet respectively
  • Only 12.4% thought holding FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley Stadium was a good idea
  • A large majority of supporters agreed that video technology should be used to help referees (79.9%)
  • Just over half of football fans, 51.6%, thought swearing and similar types of abuse was part of watching football.

What do you think about the state of the game?

With the domestic season over we think it’s a great time for fans to reflect on the game today and tell us what they think.

We want to know how many matches you go to, if you’re part of any fan groups, whether you volunteer, what do you consume news about your club and much more.

Chief executive Kevin Miles said: “When it comes to the health of the game there’s no-one whose opinion matters more than that of football supporters.

“Our National Supporters Survey is the largest of its kind, canvassing the views of supporters up and down the country. We want fans to tell us what really matters to them in 2017.”

Despite being a comprehensive survey covering a range of topics, it should take the average user around eight to ten minutes to complete.

The results of the survey will be published before the start of the 2017-18 season.

Thanks to Action Images for the picture used in this story.