Migration Card advice for travelling England fans

England’s most intrepid supporters are gearing up for next week’s trip to Almaty for the World Cup qualifier in Kazakhstan on Saturday, June 6th. Culturally Kazakhstan is vastly different to the UK so you’d be advised to head over there well prepared and to help you with that see the Free Lions Fans’ Guide to Almaty.

You’ll find a wealth of important security and travel information there alongside the usual tips on decent places to get a bite to eat or pint.

Fans travelling into Kazakhstan will have to fill in a Migration Card which can be viewed here. The card will be given to you on the flight into Kazakhstan and must be filled out before you go through passport control. The card will be stamped by the immigration officer and returned to you. You must keep it safe otherwise you will have extreme difficulties when trying to fly out of the country.

Key things to note on the Migration Card are:

  • Passport number goes at the top right, after ‘No.’
  • Then fill out your surname, first names, and nationality
  • Purpose of visit is tourism / football
  • If staying overnight put down the name of your hotel down as inviting person/organisation
  • If NOT staying overnight put Kazakh Football Federation
  • Leave ‘Accompanying by children’ section blank
  • Then sign it off in the appropriate area but don’t write on the back

As ever the Nationwide FSF Fans’ Embassy team will be in Almaty to help with any problems and hand out Free Lions. All FSF members can choose to receive Free Lions free of charge, to get your copy, join today. Alternatively individual copies can be purchased for £1 (to cover P&P costs).

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