Manchester United supporters criticise FA over cup final prices

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Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) has criticised the FA over the ticket prices at this year's FA Cup final, labelling them as "extortionate".

For the FA Cup final against Chelsea, some Manchester United fans will be facing huge increases in prices compared to the semi-final and MUST say the final prices are 'extortionate'.

A spokesman for the Trust said: “The price increases further illustrate the longstanding issue we have with the FA as both the regulator of the game as well as the worst offender when it comes to extortionate ticket prices for fans.

“Ordinary fans should not be punished for the FA's previous poor financial decisions over the Wembley redevelopment.

“We are equally astonished and angered by the increases which are as much as 30 per cent.”

Earlier this month, the FA met with supporter groups following criticism of their FA Cup semi-final and final pricing – with the FA later committing to pegging ticket price increases to the rate of inflation and extending concessionary rates.

This however, has not lessened the anger of supporters who will have to spend several hundred pounds to see their teams in both the semi-final and FA Cup final.

“This is not an ordinary competitive market,” MUST say. “It is a captive audience and the FA - who have a monopoly - are trying to extract as much as they can from supporters.”

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