Manchester City and Bayern fans turn backs on UEFA

1894 badge

A group of Manchester City fans are urging their fellow supporters to turn their backs on UEFA's anthem at Tuesday’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich.

The 1894 Group’s anger stems from UEFA’s decision to play CSKA Moscow’s Champions League games behind closed doors.

This penalised around 50 City fans who had already paid for accommodation and transport, ahead of their team’s trip to Russia.

Bayern fans suffered a similar fate when their team visited Moscow, and 1894 Group expect them to join in with the protest.

Despite UEFA banning innocent away fans from CSKA Moscow’s ground, around 300 UEFA sponsors were allowed in to watch the match.

The 1894 Group says: “Tuesday night at The Etihad Stadium will witness the continued co-operation between sets of fans from different countries.

“Both City and Bayern fans will turn their backs on the UEFA anthem and no doubt many will attempt to drown out the anthem with boos and whistles.”

The groups says UEFA have shown “little in the way of understanding” towards supporters and called on European football’s governing body to meet with City and Bayern fans.