Leicester fans plan protest against late fixture move

Bayern Munich fans banner at Arsenal Photo Action Images3

Leicester City fan group, and FSF associate, Union FS say they will be protesting against the decision to move their away game against Arsenal with only three weeks notice.

Despite Premier League rules saying that TV fixtures should be chosen six weeks in advance, the Arsenal vs Leicester City fixture for a Saturday 3pm kick-off has been moved to a Sunday for TV broadcast.

Reacting to the announcement, Union FS said they are planning to demonstrate at the Emirates Stadium - including banners and boycotting the first five minutes of the game, as Bayern Munich fans did at the Emirates earlier this season.

"All football fans are inconvenienced at times and it has sadly become part of our game," the group said last night. "But in our opinion the actions of Sky Sports on this occasion have gone too far for us not to take action.

"All of those losing out have been unfairly done over by Sky Sports and, by proxy, the lack of protection afforded to fans by the Premier League and its constituent clubs."

 Union FS is encouraging all Leicester City fans still making the trip to the Emirates to let their feelings be known and support the action.

Arsenal fan groups the Blackscarf Movement expressed their support for the action, urging Arsenal fans to get behind Union FS. "The matchgoing fans - the fabric of the game - are not considered whatsoever," they said. "It's not good enough. The change to our fixture with Leicester will now leave many fans out of pocket.

"We fully support this action by Union FS, and would welcome similar from Arsenal supporters at the game, to show that as football fans we're in this together."

The Premier League said it is in discussions with both clubs to see what can be done to "help fans affected by this scheduling change".

The FSF is deeply unhappy that a fixture could be moved at 23 days notice, which is clearly far short of the six weeks required by the Premier League's own guidelines.

Consequently, we are demanding that fans left out of pocket by this fixture change are compensated - whether because of travel costs, hotel arrangements, or simply being unable to make the new fixture date.

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