Leeds and Millwall fans join forces


Fans of both Leeds United and Millwall have come together following news that the potential play-off tie between both clubs could see away fan numbers limited to only 1,000 tickets for each leg. Although not a certainty it is looking increasingly likely that both teams will meet unless third placed MK Dons slip to an unexpected last day defeat at Hereford.

Supporters groups from both clubs have called on all parties concerned to make sure that the away ticket allocation is not limited to 1,000 and for supporters to work together to allow as many genuine and loyal fans as possible to enjoy what could be 180 minutes of cracking football.

“Imposing such severe limits on away tickets could actually cause considerable problems in that visiting fans, who wish to do nothing worse than watch their team play in a very important match, may be tempted to use tickets for the home sections of the ground,” said a joint statement from Leeds United Supporters’ Trust (LUST) and Lions Trust. “This would seriously undermine the policy of segregation.”

The wider point is the increasing criminalisation of football supporters before any crime has been committed – something we’ve seen far too much of this season already.

“These restrictions may not only affect Millwall and Leeds United,” added Millwall Supporters Club and WACCOE.com (Leeds United’s leading online Fans’ Forum) in a further show of supporter unity.

“Play-off semi-final gate receipts are all pooled together by the Football League and split four ways between the participating clubs. This reduction in attendance directly affects the revenue of the other clubs in the play-off’s.”

While there is no guarantee that the clubs will face each other the Football Supporters’ Federation will be keeping a close eye on the weekend’s results and will work towards a positive outcome with all the relevant authorities and supporters groups.