Liverpool fan group SoS passes safe standing motion

SoS badge2

Liverpool's best-known fan group, the Spirit of Shankly, has adopted a motion to consult its membership on safe standing.

At the group's AGM this weekend, members passed the motion to adopt a position on rail seating – and will now embark on period of consultation to determine what that position should be.

The motion said: 

LSU has never formally adopted a position on ‘rail seating’ ‘safe standing’ or these matters by whichever name it goes by.
The debate, in recent months has moved on, following the implementation of rail seating at Celtic and with football clubs openly discussing the idea. Supporters at other clubs are actively campaigning for the introduction of rail seating.
Whilst LSU recognises that opinion amongst our fan base is divided, with supporters and Hillsborough campaigners and groups on both sides of the debate, our stance and opinion on such matters should be one directed by our members.
This proposal is not to state what position we should have, but that we need agreement on whether we should adopt a position. If it is agreed that we should have a position, we will start a period of consultation and debate with members and supporters, with all afforded an opportunity to express their opinion, before putting this to the vote.

Following discussions about the issues around safe standing the motion was passed unanimously by the AGM.

Watch Spirit of Shankly chair Jay McKenna introduce the motion: