La Liga announces overseas fixtures

Rose Bowl Stadium Photo USA Army Band

This week La Liga announced that it will be staging competitive fixtures in the USA and Canada as part of a new 15-year broadcast deal.

Supporters and the Spanish players' union were quick to criticise the deal, with many comparing it to the Premier League's failed Game 39 proposal back in 2008.

FSF chair Malcolm Clarke said the move set a dangerous precedent, but warned the English football leagues against following in La Liga's footsteps.

"The FSF would strongly oppose and actively campaign against any suggestion that Premier League games should be played abroad, as we did with the infamous 'Game 39' proposal," Malcolm said.

"English football clubs are rooted in their local communities, and their local fans, and a vibrant away following, are still their lifeblood, even in the television age.

"It would be totally against the great traditions of our game, and a betrayal of loyal supporters, to move competitive league games abroad."

Thanks to the USA Army Band for the image used in this article. Reproduced here under Creative Commons license.