Hull fans urge club to ditch new membership scheme

Hull City Fans Celebrate Action Images 4604643

Hull City fans are urging the club to scrap the planned membership scheme - which will see the end of concessionary pricing and traditional season tickets.

A survey of Hull City fans carried out by the Hull City Supporters' Trust  shows that most are "deeply unhappy" with the proposed membership scheme.

"The zoning and pricing proposals, developed without any meaningful consultation with supporters, were widely reviled," the Trust said. "By removing concessions for both older and younger supporters, the club was felt to be behaving in a morally reprehensible way."

The Trust believe the new scheme will hurt the level of support at the KC Stadium and be economically damaging for the club, with the majority of their respondents saying they would not join the scheme.

Elsewhere, a petition against the new membership scheme was launched by 16-year-old Hull City fan Joe Bolton. It has collected more than 1,600 signatures in the 48 hours since its launch. Joe told the FSF: "Its sole aim is to seek change in what many supporters would call an immoral ticketing system."

Hull City Supporters' Trust have provided the club with an alternate model, created by accountants who sit on the Trust's board, which would keep concessions and remove all zoning. They claim their scheme will deliver as much revenue as the club's plan.

"The consequences of ignoring the fanbase will, the Trust believes, be disastrous," they said. The Trust added that if they ignore the supporters on this matter their position as owners would become untenable.