FSF statement on standing at Wolves


The Football Supporters' Federation welcomes the willingness of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC to engage in dialogue with its supporters over the issue of standing. This contrasts with the attitude of some other clubs and football authorities to this difficult issue. The FSF will be pleased to accept the invitation to attend a future Fans' Parliament at Wolves to look at this issue in detail.

The FSF appreciates the difficult position Wolves are in, given the current law and the requirements of the Local Authority. It also appreciates that persistent standing in seated areas can cause problems for those who cannot, or do not wish to stand.

The FSF therefore believes that it will be in the long-term interests of Wolves fans in the Jack Harris Stand to remain seated as far as possible in the remaining games of the season to avoid giving the Local Authority reason for imposing capacity reductions. We can then commence discussions about the longer-term approach to this issue.

The FSF believes that the provision of safe standing areas in football grounds is the right long-term solution to this issue, but that requires a change in the law. This will be more likely to occur if we can persuade Wolves and other clubs to modify their current support for all-seated stadia. That is why the dialogue offered by Wolves is so important. Wolves fans who support our view are asked to visit the FSF website - www.fsf.org.uk/safestanding - and sign the on-line petition to this effect.

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