FSF NW Division meeting (Sunday 13th Feb)

The next meeting of the FSF’s North West and North Wales Division takes place on Sunday 13th February (2pm start) at The Orange Tree Pub, Old Marnket Place, Altrincham, WA14 4DE. The venue is accessible for wheelchair users and non-members of the FSF are more than welcome to attend.

Please note that this is a change to the originally announced venue.

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The topics for discussion will be:

A mid-season break. More and more managers seem to be calling for this – but would it be a good idea? Would a break recharge players’ batteries and improve England’s chances of winning a tournament? When should such a break take place and how long should it last for? Some have argued that a break for the top two tiers would raise the profile of lower league games and encourage fans to go to matches that they might otherwise have missed.

Club ownership. Over the past year we have seen a number of clubs change ownership. Is domestic ownership preferable to overseas? Or is nationality irrelevant? How should we regulate ownership within British football? Do owners really understand the needs of English football clubs, their roles in the community and their relationship with supporters?  Are fan-owed clubs a real practical way forward - could it really work in the Premier League?

FSF matters. What role do you, as members, see the division having within the Federation? This is your chance to tell divisional officials what exactly you would like to see happen at divisional meetings. Should meetings be held on a key single issue such away travel or safe standing? Or do you prefer meetings covering three or four topics. We want to hear your ideas.

  • To register your attendance, add an item to the agenda, or if you have any other query please email Ian Lyon.

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