FSF North West Division to meet Sunday 7th Nov

The next North Wales and North West Divisional meeting is to take place on Sunday 7th November (2pm kick off) at LMRCA Railway Club, 127 Navigation Road, Altrincham, WA14 1LJ. The venue is accessible for wheelchair users and non-members of the FSF are welcome to attend.

The topics for discussion, along with regional issues, include:

  • A mid-season break is being called for by many managers. Would such a break be good for the game by improving the level of football in the Premier League/Championship as players would be rested, as well as improving the chances of England winning a tournament?  When should it take place and would there be a positive knock on effect to the lower-leagues with supporters going to watch games during the break?
  • Over the past year we have seen a number of clubs change ownership. Is overseas ownership good for football? Does it really matter who owns clubs? Should there be regulations and if so what should they be? Are fan-owed clubs a viable model in the Premier League or is a Sugar Daddy always going to be required?

If you have any further queries, would like minutes from previous meetings, or wish to add an item added to the agenda, please email Ian Lyon.

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