FSF North West and North Wales Division (Mon 30th Jan)

The next meeting of the Football Supporters’ Federation’s North Wales and North West Division will take place on Monday 30th January (7pm) at the LMRCA Railway Club, Altrincham, WA14 1LJ.

The venue is accessible for wheelchair users. Non-members are welcome to attend although it is free to join the FSF and will only take a few minutes of your time: www.fsf.org.uk/join.

On the agenda:

  • Non-league structure - with the ever increasing costs of running a football club, regional leagues are meant to help keep costs down. However, a club such as Hyde FC, who play in the Blue Square Bet North (football’s sixth tier) travel as far south as Bishop’s Stortford (near Stansted) and Gloucester for league games. Is this right for a ‘northern’ league? Should leagues be regionalised further? Or do you think the current structure is correct?
  • Ticket pricing - just what is a ‘fair’ price to pay to watch a game football? Is football still the working class game for the masses? Or is this a tired cliché? Categorisation is becoming an increasingly common trend meaning it costs more to watch a ‘better’ class of opposition, even within the same league. Is this right? Are supporters of category A clubs being unfairly penalised for their team’s success?

Register your attendance with divisional secretary Ian Lyon: ian.lyon@fsf.org.uk.

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