FSF 'just the ticket' for Man United fan

The FSF’s work doesn’t just involve high-level meetings with the game’s governing bodies, it’s individual casework with fans that really makes us tick. Just one example from many in our heavy workload since the season began is the story of James, a Manchester United fan, who got in touch with us in late August.

He’d been roughly ejected from Craven Cottage ahead of his club's game with Fulham after a steward had wrongly claimed that his ticket was a fake. James is a United away regular and had bought his ticket in the usual manner, direct from the club. His protests fell on deaf ears.

The police did get involved on the day, but were of little use, simply directing him to a nearby pub to watch the match, and so James ended up locked out of a fixture that he'd spent a small fortune in ticket and travel costs to get to. Without knowing where to turn, he got in touch with us, and we got the ball rolling.

A complaint was raised with both the club and the Premier League, and after following it through (and with the club having no evidence to back up their claim that his ticket was fake, no log of his ejection made by the steward and the CCTV backing up his case) the club admitted they were in the wrong. James finally received a full written apology and a refund on his ticket and travel.

In his own words “Your advice and support was invaluable to me as I wouldn't have known where to start otherwise. I’m delighted I ended up getting the right result thanks to the FSF”.

While sounding like most fans' nightmare, James’ case is not unusual; we hear from fans week-in, week-out who have been wronged and don’t know how to go about getting fair treatment, whether it’s from the police, stewards or their own club.

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