FSF Cymru's Guide to New York


Wales play Mexico in an international friendly on Sunday 27th May in New York and the volunteers at FSF Cymru have been working hard as ever on their guide to the Big Apple. This will be FSF Cymru’s first Fans’ Embassy outside Europe - if you have any problems in NYC contact them on the FSF helpline number +447905 861848.

It’s always important that fans swat up in advance of travelling to foreign fields so please do download FSF Cymru Issue 29 to find out about fans’ activities planned during the trip, stadium information, ticketing and security, transport, food and drink, British Embassy details and more.

The authorities say that to enhance the security of travel to the USA visa waiver requirements have been increased. Passport holders of the USA’s ‘Visa Waiver Program’ such as the UK are still eligible to travel without an American visa but will have to obtain an ESTA authorisation at least 72 hours prior to travel. In most cases you will receive a response within few minutes.

Please note that some independent sites do provide ESTA 'services' but they often charge a substantial administration fee of $100 or more which can be avoided via the below US Customs and Border Protection link.

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