FSF Cymru catch up with FAW


With tricky trips to Bulgaria (Sofia) and Wembley in the coming months the hard working bunch at FSF Cymru took the opportunity to meet with the Welsh FA on Thursday 4th August. These regular meetings aim to boost understanding and communication between fans and the FAW.

FSF Cymru is also happy to hear from Welsh fans who would like to attend these meetings in future - email Paul Corkey for further information.

You can download a summary of the meeting from this link.

Agenda items covered include:

  • Bulgaria…update from reconnaissance trip and police security advice.
  • Update from last meeting (covering Team GB, England away tickets, Montenegro/Switzerland ticket offers, flag/banner issues, membership).
  • New website, new magazine (the “Voice”) and the Australia match advert.
  • Fixture clashes on 10th August.
  • Travel club…not what the fans expected.
  • Possibility of an open meeting in North Wales for a fans Q&A with FAW. Maybe run by Wrexham Supporters’ Trust or a similar organisation?
  • FIFA Rankings…why did we not play a match to stay out of pot six?
  • Recognition of fans and Fans’ Player of the Year.
  • Bench marking with associations.
  • Gol and other support initiatives.

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