FSF chair gives evidence to MPs


After grilling the media and Rupert Murdoch in recent months the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee this week turned its attention to football governance with leaders from the FA, Football League, and supporters' organisations in attendance.

FSF chair Malcolm Clarke appeared in front of the Committee earlier this week (Tuesday 17th July to be precise) along with Supporters Direct's (SD) new chief executive David Lampitt and Tom Hall.

“This [football] is not like a normal industry, we're talking about institutions that are part of the cultural heritage of their areas and that's why engagement of supporters is so important,” said Clarke.

This was the Committee’s final evidence session following up its 2011 Football Governance Report and gave stakeholders the chance to feedback on proposed reforms and their implementation. The FSF feels that the joint response from the Premier League, Football League, and the FA falls short of what is needed.

The FSF and SD were followed by two further sessions with representatives from the Football League (chair Greg Clarke and chief operating officer Andy Williamson), the National Game Board (chair Roger Burden), and the FA (chair David Bernstein and general secretary Alex Horne).

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore also faced the Committee's questions on Tuesday 10th July. You can view his evidence too via the video below.

Session featuring the FSF, Supporters Direct, FA, and Football League:



Session featuring Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore:

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