Fans part of safety solution says new report

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A new report produced by the FSF, and supported by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA), encourages local authorities and supporters to work together on spectator safety.

The Engaging with Supporters report encourages football fans to get involved with their local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) - the committee of local authorities that decide on many matchday safey issues. Additionally, the report urges local authorities to engage with fans and allow fan representation on local SAGs.

FSF chief executive Kevin Miles said: "We welcome the SGSA lending its support to this report. It's incredibly important that the views of football supporters are built into the decision making process on matchday safety and security.

"Match-going fans have experienced the theory in practice - their experience means they know what works and what doesn't. This is an invaluable perspective for any safety advisory group."

The report highlights best practice from around the country including work between Northumbria Police and fans on the Tyne-Wear derby and local authorities engaging with supporters during the Merseyside derby.  

In the long term, the FSF wants to see fan representatives become a permanent fixture on local SAGs and this report has advice for local authorities on how to have meaningful engagement with supporters.

Chief executive of the SGSA Karen Eyre-White Chief Executive said: "The SGSA is pleased to support the FSF’s Spectator Engagement document.

"Spectators have an important role to play in contributing to the safety at sports grounds. They bring a unique insight and understanding of the issues, behaviours and traditions of their clubs which will benefit both the planning and safety management on match day.

"We know we are safest when we all work together and we would welcome spectators getting involved in safety matters. We encourage clubs and Safety Advisory Group’s to find ways to engage with spectators to enhance spectator safety at sports grounds."

The Engaging With Supporters report is available in digital and hard copy now.

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