Fans march on Premier League HQ

Today’s protest by Spirit of Shankly (SoS) at the Premier League’s headquarters highlights what fans have been saying for years – ticket prices are too high at too many clubs.

The Football Supporters’ Federation fully supports SoS’s efforts to highlight this issue. Along with campaigns like the FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty, this demonstrates that fans can't be squeezed forever.

The protest is timed to coincide with the release of 2013/14’s Premier League fixtures and this should be a great day for supporters as anticipation builds for the season ahead. 

Instead, all too many fans will be worrying about how they can afford season tickets, away days, or how they can get to games whose kick-off has been shunted around for TV’s benefit.

Of course it’s the clubs’ willingness to bend to TV’s will, often at the expense of the match-going fan, which has helped secure a £5.5bn global rights deal for 2013-16. 

Clubs are swimming in cash and the increase from the last deal alone is enough to cut every single ticket at every single game by £51.30. 

Supporters understand such extreme reductions won't happen but, after decades of spiralling player wages and ticket prices, maybe it’s the match-going fan’s turn to feel the benefit of huge revenues via lower ticket prices.

  •  Sign the FSF's Twenty's Plenty for Away Tickets here.