Fans for Diversity: get involved!

Fans for Diversity Guidance Group June 2018

Our Fans for Diversity campaign is seeking volunteers to take part in a Guidance Group to help it grow over the coming years.

The Fans for Diversity campaign, a joint area of work between the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) and Kick It Out, promotes diversity among football fans at all levels of the game. Over the last few years the campaign has continue to grow and develop activity in an increasing number of areas. 

Fans for Diversity hosts or funds events across the country and has been recognised nationally for the work it has been doing – now we need your help to continue that growth.

What is the Fans for Diversity Guidance Group?

Our Guidance Group is a small network of like-minded individual from across football who will provide valuable feedback on the current work of the Fans for Diversity campaign, as well as suggesting and exploring new areas of work.

The Guidance Group is a great way for supporters to get involved in the Fans for Diversity campaign and help promote diversity at the match.

How does it function?

The Fans for Diversity Guidance Group has access to an email group administered by the FSF where they can discuss the big diversity issues facing football fans as well as help shape agendas for the group’s meetings.

Meetings will take place around four times a year, providing contributors to hear about the work that’s been going from FSF and Kick It Out staff. Travel expenses will be covered by the FSF.

The first meeting of the Guidance Group will take place on the weekend July 28th-29th around the time of the FSF’s AGM.

How to apply:

The FSF is seeking 12 volunteers who are passionate about diversity and what it is to be a football fan. To be considered for one of the positions, please send your CV and 250 words on why you want to be involved and what experience or expertise you can bring.

Applications should be sent to Fans for Diversity Campaigns Manager Anwar Uddin via email:

If you would like to know more about the Fans for Diversity group, don’t hesitate to email Anwar via the address above or call 07595 326 665.