Europe stands up for choice


 Eurostand 08 (September 13-14) will see fans across the continent stand together against UEFA's ruling that all venues hosting European and international fixtures must be all-seater stadiums.

Fans Europe-wide will demand the right to choose to stand in safety and present a united front against the ongoing commercialisation of football, in an initiative dreamt up by fans in Denmark.

Fan groups from more than 14 different countries have confirmed that they’re participating, and we hope fans right across the UK will show their solidarity by standing up for their right to choose. FSF actions are currently being planned around games at Barnet and Cardiff, amongst others, but YOU can support Eurostand 08 at your local ground by taking a banner along to a game during the weekend of September 13-14, leafleting your fellow fans, or by any other peaceable means you can manage!

And the FSF can support you, too - by providing funding for you to produce banners, leaflets etc. So if you want to support Eurostand 08 please get in touch with us at and campaign HQ in Denmark on so that they can add you to their list of participants!

For further info on the FSF’s ongoing SafeStanding campaign click here, For more on Eurostand 08 click here.