Bristol City fans still “angry and bemused” at club over prices

Ashton Gate Photo BBM Explorer

Bristol City fans met senior club officials last night to discuss the significant season ticket price rises many supporters are facing at Ashton Gate.

Earlier this month the club released its season ticket prices for the 2018-19 season with some childrens’ under-12 season tickets increasing from £50 to £335. OAPs are also facing a 10% increase.

Supporters urged the club to suspend season ticket sales after a public backlash, but following a meeting on Wednesday no progress has been made.

Chair of Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust Stu Rogers: “Many continued to feel angry and bemused by both the explanation and their refusal to reconsider key aspects of their season ticket proposals.

“There are price rises way above inflation for the disabled and children in particular which are neither acceptable nor affordable.”

Three senior officials from the club, chief finance officer Gavin Marshall, chief executive Mark Ashton and director Doug Harman, met with supporters to explain the club’s decision-making.

However, the Trust reports that most fans emerged from the meeting unconvinced that it will benefit the club long-term and additional revenue generated will be offset by empty seats.

“It is in effect a tax on loyalty,” Stu said. “Delivered without representation from supporters in the hope that those who can afford to pay the increase will more than offset those who can’t and who leave.”

The Trust has proposed several changes to the club’s pricing policy:

  • Keep under-25 increases to no more than Retail Price Index inflation
  • Keep increases for current season-ticket holders at no more than RPI
  • Extend the renewal deadline to five weeks after prices are announced
  • Meet with disabled supporter representatives to discuss concessionary pricing
  • More consistent pricing across Ashton Gate
  • Consult supporters on loyalty scheme and its rewards
  • Withdraw threat of fans losing their seat if they miss the current deadline

The Trust has asked the club to respond to its recommendations urgently and in the meantime is asking fans to hold off renewing their season tickets as long as possible.

Thanks to BBM Explorer for the image used in this post. Reproduced here under Creative Commons license.