Bayern Munich protest keeps ticket prices in spotlight

Bayern Munich fans banner at Arsenal Photo Action Images

This week Bayern Munich fans left the away end at Emirates empty for the first five minutes of their Champions League fixture against Arsenal - in protest at the £64 away ticket prices.

The protest, organised by a number of Bayern Munich fans' groups, was designed to highlight the effect high ticket prices have on the atmosphere in a football ground.

A statement by FC Bayern Worldwide said: "We want to remind clubs and associations of their social responsibility and warn them of the effects, which we will all feel, both as fans and club officials.

"We express our support for campaigns like "20's Plenty" from England and "Kein Zwanni" in Germany.

"The first five minutes of the game in London will be, what future football will look like if this madness continues. Empty seats in the stands and no singing or emotion in the stands."

£64 for an away ticket representes a 328% increase from the £19.50 Bayern Munich fans were charged by Arsenal when the clubs met in the Champions League 15 years ago in the 2000-01 season.

Bayern Munich fans' actions secure much media coverage, both in England and in Germany, and once again brought ticket prices at English football clubs under intense scrutiny.

"Many English Premier League fans have looked with envy at Bundesliga ticket pricing over years," FSF chief exec Kevin Miles told the Guardian. "But sometimes it takes the impact of our prices on foreign visitors to sharpen the focus on just how much some English fans are being expected to pay."

Large sections of the Arsenal crowd supported the action taken by the Bayern Munich fans - applauding the protesters as they made they way into the away end after the five minute protest.

Thanks to Action Images for the picture used in this story.