Back the FSF's Safe Standing campaign today!

Following May’s election the new Government launched the Your Freedom website with the idea of “working to create a more open and less intrusive society”. The concept is that there have, in recent years, been far too many unnecessary laws and pieces of legislation foisted upon the British public. Your Freedom gives the public the chance to propose, vote, and comment upon ideas for cutting these back.

“Fair enough, but what’s this got to do with football?” we hear you ask. Simply, the FSF would like the Government to remove the requirement for top level football grounds to be all-seated.

At present clubs who play in Britain’s top two leagues must have all-seater stadiums. This is despite the fact that polls show nine out of every ten fans would prefer to be given the option on whether to stand or sit. Safe Standing areas also run perfectly smoothly in Germany, where you can also have a pint while you’re standing and watching the game. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Read more on the ins and outs of the Safe Standing argument here and visit the Your Freedom website to back our stance. It will only take you a few minutes to register, vote, and leave a comment on the FSF’s request for the authorities to remove requirement for top level football grounds to be all-seated and it could make a big difference.

The Government has promised to take the most popular submissions seriously and our suggestion is also one of the most popular and commented upon. If every fan that backs the FSF Safe Standing campaign, and reads this sentence, actually votes and comments we can send it to number one…

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