Twenty's Plenty - fans have their say


The Twenty’s Plenty petition is going great guns with almost 5,000 fans signed up – add your name today if you haven’t already done so. Why not help spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social media the cool kids use?

If this is the first you’ve heard of Twenty’s Plenty you can find out more about the campaign and petition via the Twenty’s Plenty homepage. You’ll find ideas for fan actions and a whole host of background arguments, stats and facts.

Manchester City returning 900 tickets for their visit to Arsenal was the ember that sparked the fire but match-going fans in all divisions have long known that football is too expensive. Nine out of ten fans told us just that in our last annual survey.

This is especially true for away fans who, aside from match tickets, must contend with spiralling food, drink and travel costs. That shouldn’t be taken for granted by clubs.

Twenty's Plenty calls upon football clubs at all levels of the game to recognise and reward that amazing contribution of away fans by getting together to agree an across the board price cap on away match tickets of £20 (£15 for concessions). Put your name to that here.

In the meantime we’d like to say thanks to everyone who’s signed the petition, see below for a selection of supportive comments from across the divisions:

“Even in the Championship you're getting away tickets upwards of £30-£35. It's getting a little bit ridiculous.” Alex Marsh (Leicester City)

“Football has become overpriced with the Premier League prices driving up those in other leagues.” Andrew Fleming (FC Halifax Town)

“Ticket prices have grown way out of hand, £18 for Conference football, it's a joke.” Darren Lilley (Lincoln City)

“Used to do away trips with my Dad but gave up due to ever spiralling costs. I fully support this venture, it's about time clubs listened to fans and did something to help increase the away following for all clubs!” David Grace (Chesterfield)

“I went to watch Inter Milan v Parma on Sunday. It cost me €9.50 to get in. That's about the same price as a Ryman League game. Why does it cost three times that price to watch Millwall play second tier football in England?” David Handley (Millwall)

“With the vast amount of money coming in from TV companies next season there is no need for ticket prices to be so expensive.” Dominic Thorrington (FC United of Manchester)

“The larger the away support the better the atmosphere - more noise, more banter & more enjoyment for everyone at the match.” John Milner (Leeds United)

“Prices for away games need tighter controls. Clubs charge ridiculous prices for away fans which must be regulated.” Louise Russell (Tottenham Hotspur)

“Seeing Dortmund fans paying €11 for tickets in Champions League, wonderful atmosphere, full stadium. Extortionate prices mean fewer fans can afford to go.” Nigel Coady (Liverpool)

“Without fans, football is nothing. Without away fans you have no atmosphere. Without any atmosphere attendances will drop. Without attendances you have no game. How are the next generation meant to be become match going fans when their parents can't afford to take them?” Richard Hincks (Manchester City)

“Away support is just as vital to the grounds atmosphere. Come on all clubs, sort it out and cut the greed!” Lisa Donaghy (Manchester United)

“A great idea by the FSF. As a supporter who attends almost every away game I would fully support and appreciate the value of such a move.” Steve Saxton (York City)