The FSF Writers Awards 2012


The FSF’s Football Writers Awards 2012 will take place on Saturday 7th July at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, London (7.30pm) - buy your ticket here for only £5. The awards reward the best football coverage out there by professional and amateur writers across seven categories. The awards make up the evening element of the FSF and Supporters Direct Fans' Weekend. Find out how to nominate your favourites below...

  • Email with your nominations before midnight on Friday 18th May (maximum three nominations per category).

The FSF Fans’ Newspaper of the Year award - The award for the best coverage of football in a newspaper, whether local, regional or national.  Whether its match reports, weekly supplements, feature writers or breadth of coverage that flicks your switch, we want to know which is your footballing newspaper of the year.

The FSF Fans’ Website of the Year award - An award recognising the work of independent contributors to the online football world rather than media giants or official club websites. Whether a co-operative of writers or a one man band, ground-hoppers to club bloggers, serious or side-splitting, who has the content that keeps you clicking back time and again?

The FSF Fans’ Football Writer of the Year award - This gong will acknowledge the talents of the best professional writers in the business. Whose articles are worth shelling out for a newspaper or magazine alone? Who writes the most insightful or erudite pieces? Who gets you thinking? In short, who’s the best of the best?

The FSF Fans’ Football Blogger of the Year award - For the very best ‘amateur’ writers. We realise that the distinction between ‘proper’ journalists and bloggers is getting ever more blurred, but if they’re producing content for an independent website (rather than for mainstream media) then they’re eligible. If you’re not sure which category your favourite falls into then nominate them for both and let us decide!

The FSF Fans’ Fanzine of the Year award - Is your club’s fanzine deserving of wider recognition? Are the writers capable of churning out page-upon-page of witty, informative and entertaining copy, yet still crazy enough to be standing out in all weathers to sell their wares? This can include online content as well, but a printed version must have been available during 2011/12 season to be eligible for the award and the publication must be club specific.

The FSF Fans’ Podcast of the Year award - It's not all about words on a page, you know. Every week it seems a new podcast arrives on the scene and we want to know which ones have blown you away in the past year. *NEW AWARD*

The FSF Fans’ Book of the Year award - Hundreds of footy books are published every year but which ones deserve a special mention? This category is not open to public nominations but will be open to a public vote once our expert panel of leading football writers have shortlisted their six favourites. *NEW AWARD*

  • If you have any questions about the FSF Writers Awards 2012 (timelines, nominations processes, ticketing) then check out our Awards FAQs.

How are the winners decided? The Writer, Podcast, and Book awards will go to a public vote after shortlisting. The Newspaper, Blogger, Website, and Fanzine nominations will be reduced to a shortlist with the winner being decided by an FSF panel.

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