International Clubs

A comprehensive guide to over 200 clubs in the top seven divisions of English football, as well an ever-growing source of information for dozens of clubs across Europe... Or at least it will be, once we've got it all up and running again.

As you may well have noticed, the new FSF site is still in beta testing mode, and we're in the process of migrating all the data across from our old site. Unfortunately, this is a rather drawn out process in checking all the new links work, all the images appear correctly, and in the case of our poor old ground guide, that lengthy process runs to a couple of thousand pages.

By the end of March we intend to have the 92 league clubs up-and-running, as well as international guides to the upcoming European Champions League and Europa League fixtures, with our remaining non-league and international database being added shortly thereafter.

If you see any bugs or incorrect content in the meantime please let us know through ourĀ contact page.

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