Ground Guide

Welcome to the Away Fans Matter Ground Guide, a comprehensive guide to more than 200 clubs, covering the top seven divisions of English football as well an ever-growing source of information for dozens of clubs across Europe.

The Ground Guide is currently in testing mode as we update the information ahead of the new season, and it is now 'wiki-enabled' meaning that you will be able share what you know about your club and city with fans from across the continent. We are adding clubs each week, and will have a full complement by early September.

The guide is built by fans for fans, sharing the key information on things like transport and travel, tickets, eating and drinking, and anything else you think may be useful to know. If you spot something we've got wrong, or that we're missing, hit 'edit' in the top right corner of the page and update the information yourself (FSF members only - you'll need to be logged in). Alternatively, drop us an email, and we'll get onto it straight away. 

Be sure to come back once the season has started and help us provide the best possible advice and information to your fellow supporters.