Fan In Trouble?

Sometimes you’d almost think that football fans must be the most evil creatures in the world. Security measures and long lists of prohibited of items around a matchday: banning orders, the prohibition of standing areas in the Premier League and international competitions, iron fenced cages for away fans’ sections abroad, the multimedia hooligan hysteria before every major international tournament...

...sometimes it’s hard to believe that the vast majority of us are actually nothing more than passionate supporters who want nothing more than to be valued by their clubs and follow their team.

We don’t deny that there is infrequent violence and discriminatory behaviour by football fans – but it's a tiny minority of offenders, whereas the measures now in place punish every football fan in this country. Therefore it's very easy for a football fan to get into trouble, finding yourself arrested at a match, prosecuted and/or banned for unfair reasons, sometimes just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Whether you've been arrested at football, have queries about football banning orders, want to register a complaint about police/stewards at a match or have questions about your rights as a fan, we're the ones to call. If you want to anonymously report an incident at a match we're hear to offer advice on next steps too.

The FSF has been giving advice to football fans for years, and have heard all the possible questions you could ask: Will I get a banning order? Can you help me after an arrest at football? Can I contest a stadium ban? Where can I find football-related legal advice? How can I make a complaint about matchday football policing or stewarding?

We can offer you the appropriate assistance and support in case you need it. Our resources include contact with solicitors at Deighton Pierce Glynn - solicitors who regularly work with the FSF defending the rights of football fans.

You can read their advice on what you can do if you feel you have been treated badly by police and/or stewards (download as PDF or Word document). Please contact the FSF in the first instance (see contacts below).

Wrongly ejected and worried that the club may pass on your details to others? Find out what you can do to make sure they don't.

If you are unjustly arrested, served with a banning order or get into any scrapes which you feel are unfair, contact Amanda Jacks, Caseworker for the FSF, via:

Amanda is happy to take calls outside of normal office hours, including weekends.