NO TO GAM£ 39 (2008)

game2AIMS: To annihilate the unwanted Gam£ 39.

BACKGROUND: 2008 all seems so long ago now but once upon a time there was a daft proposal - Gam£ 39 - which the Premier League dreamed up in an attempt to ring even more money out of football.

The clubs' arguments went something like this, "38 games doesn't bring nearly enough cash in for us destitute and humble Premier League clubs. What we desperately need, in order to pay our poor players a living wage, is a 39th game. And by the way, do you mind playing it in Asia 'cos we can squeeze even more dosh out of the thing then."

The fans' response went something like this, "Err, no way."

Fans were outraged at the idea that competitive balance should be sacrificed at the alter of money. And the hardcore weren't too happy about the prospect of trooping around the planet just to watch their local side in "domestic" competition.

So the FSF rallied the troops, started a petition, organised regional meetings and even sent a delegation to meet Premier League head honcho Richard Scudamore. We gave fans one voice when speaking to the media and, as a result, the outcry made one heck of a noise - enough to give the clubs cold feet.

OUTCOMES: Gam£ 39 is dead and buried (and if it comes back from the dead like the monster in a bad horror, we'll kill it again).