Away Ticket Price Campaign (2007)

AIMS: This 2007 campaign and petition (now closed) sought to introduce a universal away ticket price of no more than £15 for all Premier League games. It also called for a three-year freeze on home tickets, subsidised by the Premier League's ginormous TV deal.

BACKGROUND: Of course this wasn't just about ticket prices in the Premier League - many prices in the Football League, Conference and below are far too high. The objective of the campaign was to ensure that football again becomes the "people's game". Prices across the board in this country were and are absurd.

During the first six months of the 2006/07 season, 11 of the 17 clubs who remained in the Premier League from the previous season showed a decrease in average attendance. We argued that constantly increasing, rip-off ticket prices, along with decreased competitive balance had driven many supporters out of the game, either unable or unwilling to pay out the sums asked.

This specific campaign might be over but the FSF still delivers the same clear message to club chairmen. We want a fairer deal for football fans through a fairer pricing structure which will make football more affordable for all. We want to see action by the football authorities to limit ticket prices and redistribute the facility fee for televised games by subsidising ticket prices for these matches.

OUTCOMES: Sadly, the proof is there for all to see. Ticket prices at many clubs remain far, far too high. It isn't going to be solved overnight but it's something the FSF will always come back to and speak out on.