The FIFA elections for teachers and students

Classroom Photo James F Clay

With the FIFA presidential elections coming up in February, FSF volunteer and teacher Jenni Hutchinson has produced a lesson plan to teach children all about global football.

The course, made up of four hour long citizenship lessons, is aimed at Key Stage 3 students (years 7-9) and leads on the following:

  • Why have FIFA officials been arrested?
  • Why are people angry about how football is being run?
  • What are the current issues facing world football?
  • Key terms such as election, democracy, manifesto

Throughout the course students will come up with solutions to some of the problems facing world football, produce a manifesto and participate in a mock FIFA election.

Jenni said: "Last year I ran a mock FIFA presidential election with some year seven classes.

"Students thoroughly enjoyed the project, many giving up their lunch hour to attend the school final of the competition.

"The lessons clearly raised awareness -  it was interesting to see how different groups arrived at different positions on standing, pyro and so on.

"Best of all were students' attempts to distribute World Cups fairly - whilst these 11 and 12 year olds obviously found this challenging, some of their ideas were refreshingly straightforward. One idea was to just pull a country out of a hat!"

Included in the resource pack is a PowerPoint with all the lesson instructions, a student pack, teacher's guide and manifesto template. The latter has two versions; one is for schools where work is completed electronically, the other for schools where resources must be photocopied and distributed manually.