FSF wants to hear from fans of the women’s game

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The Football Supporters’ Federation’s campaigns are always led by our members’ priorities – in the men’s game that tends to be ticket prices, safe standing, away fan issues, policing/stewarding matters, ownership problems, and tackling discrimination.

There are FSF-affiliated fan groups in the women’s game, and we have individual members who attend games in the WSL 1 / WSL 2, but it’s an area we are very keen to strengthen.

We’re on the lookout for individual supporters and fan groups who are regular attendees of the women’s game at any level, and can help develop both FSF understanding and policy in this area.

What are the big supporter issues in the women’s game? Are the dynamics the same as men’s football? Do the issues mirror one another or are the experiences so different there’s very little crossover?

We’d like to pull together an FSF working group which has experience of the women’s game and an interest in ensuring fans who attend have the best possible experience.

In the first instance that simply involves asking for volunteers to put themselves forward. Once a group is formed we’ll look at the best ways to develop things and work with other stakeholders in the women’s game – be they fan groups, football bodies, the media, or anyone else.

Don’t forget to include a little background about yourself – who you support, your experiences in the women’s game, and what you think the big issues are.

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