Do you have a skill the FSF could use? Get in touch

The Football Supporters' Federation has hundreds of thousands of individual and affiliate members - and we're sure many of you have skills that we aren't aware of.

As a largely voluntary organisation we rely on our members' time and effort to make things happen. So if you have a specific set of skills that you think might come in useful, pop us an email.

Maybe you're a statistician who could shed some new light on the fiendishly detailed Home Office football arrest stats? In the past we've challenged the Government's use of injury statistics (#4) in football grounds in relation to standing areas and won the argument - so these things can really matter.

Of course you might have other skills sets...

A designer who could help us out with homepage banners? A video technician who might help us make a Youtube clip or two? A travel expert for our international ground guide? A consultant who thinks we're missing a trick somewhere? A fan who can persuade their club to back safe standing? A writer who fancies doing the odd feature for the FSF blog?

We're sure there are a million and one other areas where our members' skills and experience could be of use.

  • If this applies to you, we'd love to hear from you - email