Coventry City fans ask - why can't we go back to Ricoh?

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On Saturday thousands of Sky Blues fans hit the streets to demand their team return to Coventry (see the video below). FSF affiliates Sky Blues Trust organised the demo and have been working hard to return their club home. Their open letter below was sent to all parties involved in the Ricoh Arena dispute – ACL, Coventry City Council, Otium, SISU, and the Football League...

Open letter by the Sky Blue Trust:

On Saturday there was an incredible turnout on the streets of Coventry as 6,000 Sky Blue fans demanded the return of their team to their city. It showed that the level of support for the team is strong but their anger at the displacement of their team is huge. If the team were at the Ricoh crowd numbers and revenue would be far better than in Northampton where they will continue to be pathetic.

Why can’t you simply talk and agree a deal that brings the club back to the Ricoh. In the week preceding the Trust march every side indicated it was willing to talk - now is the time to put differences to one side because failure to solve this lunacy will never be forgiven by thousands of Coventry City supporters. This is a pivotal moment in the history of Coventry City - a time for action not excuses.

No one is benefitting from this ridiculous situation and the Sky Blue Trust once again asks the question of the Football League, SISU, Otium, Coventry City Council and ACL, you have the power to end this - Why Not?

  • Agree a fair rent, we understand the numbers are not that far apart – Why Not?
  • Agree matchday fees, surely costs are costs and can be proven – Why Not?
  • Agree to allow CCFC access to matchday revenue turnover to make SCMP figures viable – Why Not?
  • The Football League sort out once and for all the matter of the £590,000 payment imposed on Otium as part of the “Golden Share” agreement - Why Not?
  • The Football League says £590,000 is in an escrow account, whilst they resolve that matter and its implications on the Football Creditors rule, ACL shouldn’t wait for a resolution but start talks now - Why Not?
  • SISU to stop all costly and fruitless current and future legal proceedings against all parties involved in this current matter – Why Not?
  • Above all everyone put the past behind them, move forward and be prepared to compromise, for the sake of mutual long term success and for the sake of all Sky Blue Supporters – Why Not?
  • All sides have indicated that talks are possible - grasp the opportunity now, show real leadership and bring Coventry City back to the Ricoh - Why Not?

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