Who's who

The FSF is a democratic organisation with an elected National Council (NC) which oversees campaigns and policy. Policy is set by members and affiliated/associated supporters’ organisations at the FSF’s Annual General Meeting.

Campaigns are coordinated by a designated member of staff or NC member. The FSF also has roles on the FA Council (on behalf of the FSF and Supporters Direct as the fans’ representative), at the Fixtures Working Party, Kick it Out, Rail Forum, and Supporters Direct. Regional divisions provide members with a point of access at a local level.

FSF National Council:

  • Alan Bloore (FSF Yorkshire Division representative)
  • Ally Simcock (Elected member)
  • Billy Grant (Elected member)
  • Carroll Clark (Elected member)
  • Chris Paouros (Pride In Football co-opted representative)
  • Dave Kelly (Elected member)
  • Dave Pennington (Elected member)
  • Dave Tomlinson (Elected member)
  • Fiona McGee (Elected member)
  • Graeme Smith (Pride In Football co-opted representative)
  • Ian Byrne (Elected member)
  • Ian Todd MBE (Elected member)
  • Kristine Green (Elected member)
  • Malcolm Clarke (FSF Chair)
  • Mark Ogbourne (FSF Southern Division representative)
  • Martin O'Hara (FSF Deputy Chair)
  • Neil Springate (FSF Secretary)
  • Paul Corkrey (Elected member)
  • Peter Daykin (Elected member)
  • Rick Duniec (Elected member)
  • Roisin Wood (Elected member)
  • Royston Bentham (Elected member)
  • Simon Magner (Elected member)
  • Steve Powell (Elected member)
  • Tim Hartley (Supporters Direct co-opted representative)
  • Tim Hillyer (Elected member)
  • Tony Roome (Elected member)
  • Vince Alm (FSF Cymru representative) 

FSF Board (selected by the National Council):

  • Billy Grant (NC member) 
  • David Rose (Deputy Chief Executive & non-voting Board member)
  • David Tomlinson (NC member) 
  • Fiona McGee (NC member) 
  • Ian Todd (NC member) 
  • Kevin Miles (Chief Executive & non-voting Board member)
  • Malcolm Clarke (Chair) 
  • Martin O'Hara (Deputy Chair) 
  • Peter Daykin (NC member) 

FSF Staff:

  • Amanda Jacks (Caseworker)
  • Andy Walsh (National Game Development Officer)
  • Anwar Uddin (Diversity and Campaigns Manager)
  • David Rose (Deputy Chief Executive)
  • Garreth Cummins (New Media Manager)
  • Kevin Miles (Chief Executive) 
  • Maria Horner (Fans For Diversity Campaigns Officer)
  • Michael Brunskill (Director of Communications)
  • Nina Bond (Finance and Administration Manager)
  • Liam Thompson (Communications Officer)