All Party Parliamentary Group for Football Supporters

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The Football Supporters’ Federation supports the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Football Supporters . 

The cross-party group is chaired by Ian Mearns MP (Labour), a season ticket holder at St James’ Park, and aims to strengthen the voice of football fans in Parliament. The FSF will provide secretariat duties for the group which aims "to represent the interests of match-going football fans and to support the aims and objectives of the Football Supporters' Federation". 

  • Next meeting: We're delighted to welcome the newest fan representative on the FA Council Kat Law to "Football and TV: Won't someone think of the fans?" Kat has been leading efforts in lobbying broadcasters to be more considerate towards the needs of match-going fans. With an ever-increasing number of games being moved from the traditional Saturday 3pm slot the demands on fans are greater than ever. Should broadcasters pay heed to fan complaints? Or does responsibility lie with clubs to use their £8bn broadcast deal to help match-going fans? We'll consider how fans can maintain pressure in this area and ask what role MPs can play. Tuesday 12th December 2017 (5pm-6pm), Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster - to confirm attendance please email
  • Last meeting: Di Cunningham (Pride In Football) and Chris Gibbons (Inside Inclusion) hosted Tackling homophobia: The growth of LGBT+ fan groups (Tuesday 12th September 2017, 6pm). In recent years the number of LGBT+ fan groups has exploded and this event will celebrate that development and ask what more can be done to ensure football is fully inclusive? This season has seen some high-profile arrests for homophobic language on the terraces. Is homophobia on the rise or have fan-led campaigns had an impact in challenging abuse? Have the clubs, leagues and FAs worked with fan groups to challenge abuse in a systematic fashion? Can LGBT+ fans feel confident about their safety in Russia 2018?

 Group officers:

  • Chair: Ian Mearns MP (Labour) 
  • Vice Chair: Ian Blackford MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Vice Chair: Damian Collins MP (Conservative)
  • Secretary: Gavin Newlands MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Treasurer: Jo Stevens MP (Labour)

Other group members:

  • Alan Brown MP (Scottish National Party)
  • Bill Esterson MP (Labour)
  • Chi Onwurah MP (Labour)
  • Chris Matheson MP (Labour)
  • Clive Betts MP (Labour)
  • Clive Efford MP (Labour)
  • Chris Green (Conservative)
  • Chris Stephens (Scottish National Party)
  • Damian Green MP (Conservative)
  • Dan Carden MP (Labour)
  • Dawn Butler MP (Labour)
  • Gareth Thomas MP (Labour)
  • Gordon Marsden MP (Labour)
  • Graham Jones MP (Labour)
  • Grahame Morris MP (Labour)
  • Ian Lucas MP (Labour)
  • Ian Murray MP (Labour)
  • Jeff Smith MP (Labour)
  • Jim Fitzpatrick MP (Labour)
  • Jonathan Reynolds MP (Labour)
  • Justin Madders MP (Labour)
  • Justin Tomlinson (Conservative)
  • Laura Pidcock (Labour)
  • Lord Pendry (Labour)
  • Lord Collins (Labour)
  • Mike Gapes (Labour)
  • Rosie Cooper MP (Labour)
  • Sharon Hodgson MP (Labour)
  • Stephen Hepburn (Labour)
  • Toby Perkins (Labour)
  • Tom Elliot MP (Ulster Unionist Party)

If you have any further queries, or you are an MP who would like to join the group, email - please use the header "APPG".

Thanks to Robert Sharpe for the image used in this article. Reproduced here under CC licence.